Water Broken Plaster? Here's Tips On How To Repair It

Water can be difficult on finished plaster.

From ugly stains to peeling paint to sagging ceilings, you have a problem bigger than aesthetics alone.

So, the totally obvious starting point is to find the source of the water intrusion and fix that. Only then does it get any sense to proceed with the plaster repair.

Broken toilet giving you a headache? If you have any of these 5 most common problems, this write-up will show you how to fix them your self, rapidly and easily.

Within my working experience, there are many common sources for leaks.

Plumbing leaks. If you can fix pipes, you are ahead of the game. Otherwise, bring a specialist in and get it done proper. This may result in a hole or series of holes in your plaster. This can be disheartening, but they are not all that hard to repair.

Roof leaks. There is hardly an vintage home that hasn't been visited by this accident one or more times. Usually it is the roof where the damage shows up. In case you are lucky, you might only have some stains or a little peeling paint. But you may also get a larger problem, such as pronounced sagging.

Fiberglass pipe insulation will always keep your pipes from losing heat between your faucets, appliances, and hot water heater. Having your pipes insulated will make sure that you do not lose heat through them causing you to spend more cash on utilities.

Water returning through the walls. When an exterior wall is masonry, like stone or brick, it can happen that water will wick through the wall and into the plaster fur on the inside. So you get bubbling of paint and powdering of the plaster, perhaps even loosening of a few of the veneer coat (outermost plaster layer).

Sometimes the root of the problem is defective rain gutters spilling water onto the wall surface. On wood framed walls, water can leak in around windows usually, appearing as stains, flaking, etc.

Your water heater has proven its worth since it first came out: you've had hot relaxing baths, a quick warm wash after a hard day's work and used that hot water to scrub off those annoying germs.

Now, about remedies.

First of all, as a do it yourselfer, you are able to do a perfectly adequate job of fixing your plaster utilizing drywall compound and drywall tape. If you do it right, and you have dealt properly with the water sources, your plaster repair will exist. You really don't require plaster to fix plaster.

You can use all-purpose drywall mud, or "hot mud," a setting type mixture that is tougher compared to normal mud. With hot mud, mix small batches. When you have completed one step, clean the tools and pan thoroughly before you mix up a fresh batch.

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Larger holes require backing. If there is no place to fasten a patch, you must put in backing. 1 X 4 boards or plywood strips can be screwed in place and slim drywall screwed to it. Shim if required first so the drywall is level with the surrounding plaster. Fill around the edges with hot mud and tape the whole exterior. Skim coat the taped edges until all is flat.

If the plaster is sagging, you will need to cut it away and replace it with thin drywall as described above. Over wood lath, this is pretty easy. If your plaster is the type with gypsum style plaster lath, and more compared to the veneer coat is sagging, saw out the sagged area and exchange with drywall, etc.

I lately refurnished my house and let me tell you, it was messy. Specifically the plumbing. I don't care what anybody says - it is supposed to be easy work and simple, but it simply isn't half as easy as it is supposed to be.

On exterior masonry walls, the water problem may be solved by a thorough cleaning first, then the application of a unique sealer. It might be good to seek advice from a professional. Exchange any defective gutters. Then, inside, scrape all loose/powdered plaster. Wipe off dust, etc. Dampen depressions and fill with one or more coats of hot mud as needed.

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